Socks… Finally

Following a brief hiatus, Gumball Poodle socks are back in stock! We even received a bunch of new styles, which Mortimer has graciously displayed for you here. All socks are unisex and one size fits all!

Socks / Chaussettes $12.00

NEW: Tattly Sets

Great news! Your favourite temporary tattoos from Tattly now come in fun, pre-assembled sets. More body-decorating awesomeness AND great value! Put them on, snap a picture, and send them to us, as Mortimer is quite jealous that he’s too furry to wear them himself.

Tattoo Sets / Ensembles de Tatouages $15.00


NEW: Quenchers

Vapur recently launched it’s brand new line of kids’ water bottles, and we’ve got them all at Mortimer Snodgrass! Meet the Quenchers- Bo, Fuse, Lolli, and Splash. Each one holds up to .4L of liquid and comes with 3 sheets of stickers, so you can decorate your bottle to your liking.

Quenchers Bottles / Bouteilles Quenchers $15.00


Back in stock: Fred for Kids

In accompaniment to our previous blog, here are the recently back in stock items from Fred and Friends for CHILDREN!

Mustachifier / Sucette Moustache $12.00

Chopstick Kids Girl / Baguettes pour enfants Fille $9.00

Snack ‘N Stack Utensils / Ustensiles Snack ‘n Stack $22.00

Back in stock: Fred & Friends

Have you been anxiously awaiting the return of these amazing products from Fred and Friends? Well wait no more! Some of our best sellers are now back in stock for your shopping pleasure!

iStrike / iLumette $13.00

Top Banana / Bouchon Banane $9.50

Mix Stix / Cuillères Mix Stix $13.00

Gin & Titonic / Gin et Titonique $11.00

The End Bookends / Serre-Livre La Fin $18.00

MonKEYS / Couvre-clés Singes $6.00

Scoops Door Stop / Buttoir de porte Scoops $18.00

Borrow My Pen / Empruntez Mes Stylos $8.00

Cool Jewels / Bijoux Givrés $11.00