NEW: Tattly Sets

Great news! Your favourite temporary tattoos from Tattly now come in fun, pre-assembled sets. More body-decorating awesomeness AND great value! Put them on, snap a picture, and send them to us, as Mortimer is quite jealous that he’s too furry to wear them himself.

Tattoo Sets / Ensembles de Tatouages $15.00


Camp et Cadeaux

It’s summer and that means the sleep-away camps are full of children, including one Snod-child. Are your kids off having the time of their lives? Want to send them a package to show you’re thinking of them? Mortimer Snodgrass can help! We’ll ship your purchase directly to camp. Not only that, but we’ve got a couple of great camp gift ideas to make your shopping easy.

Voici des idées cadeaux à envoyer à vos enfants au camp d’été.

Scratch and Sniff stickers / Autocollants $3.00

Temporary Tattoos /  Tatouage Temporaire $5.00

Cube Figures / Figurines Cubes  $7.00

Art Kits / Trousse d’art $12.50